The better question to ask is “what is causing my applications to run slow?”.  Everyone makes networking sound easy, but there are a lot of moving parts and not just network ones:

  1. WAN/Broadband.  Typically the quality of modern broadband services delivered by fibre is excellent.  If there are issues here you can expect issues across all devices using all applications
  2. LAN/Switching & Wi-Fi.  Switches almost never break and offers the best performance connecting devices via cables.  Wi-Fi on the other hand has multiple factors that can cause issues:
    1. Distance between Wi-Fi access point and device
    2. Obstructions between Wi-Fi access point and device
    3. Other Wi-Fi networks in the same area can cause interferance
    4. Poor placement of Wi-Fi access points and poor configuration of power and channel settings
  3. Device performance.  Your pc/laptop/tablet/phone could be suffering performance issues for any number of reasons.  Running a local application like Microsoft Excel (not via a browser) with a local spreadsheet can tell you if your computer is slow, or if the network/Wifi is slow
  4. Application performance.  An application is slow but others are fast typically suggests its not a network/Wi-Fi issue.


The best question is “How am I supposed to know what the problem is, surely that should be up to the provider to work out?”

And Deliver XP is glad you asked because we have solved this problem by measuring the user experience over Wi-Fi to ensure we can categorically state “the Wi-Fi is or is not the problem”

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